How The Texas Maze of Terror started. 

2006 a dear friend of ours Dena Tobleman had a garage haunt for her sons birthday party. The following year she became ill with cancer and Jim Denson built it for her that year. We lost Dena in 2008, Jim moved it to the football field an had a fundraiser for VFTFA.  2010  Brian and Jim  started  the Maze of Terror on Hwy 12, and ran a fundraiser for VFTFA.  2011  Maze started donating to Vidor Project Graduation  and Boy Scouts of America . 2012 they rented a house on Bolivar St .  Finally ! 2013  permanent resting spot, 1745 Hwy 12 .  Brian ,Ettie and their daughter Savanna Thompson ,are owners of Texas Maze of Terror.  Now we have one big crazy family which is always growing!

Remember: We Love Screamers!