Thing​s you should know before coming..

Texas Maze of Terror Warnings


( during season ) 

1745 Hwy 12 Vidor, Tx

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1.opens? ..   ticket booth open at 7:30 P.m The show will start around 8 P.M.  If not don't gripe. We will start as soon as possible.

2. How late can I come ? Friday  and Saturday  will depend on the crowd.  If it gets slow we will close so get there before. 10 p.m.  We are usually there until midnight but no guarantee.  

3. If you are wondering if your kids are too young?Then your kids are too young. 

4.  worried about being touched. Then you probably shouldn't come. We want you to have a FUN safe time. But it's tight spaces.. our crazies will scare the ++@#=@#  out of you, and they might touch you but they won't hurt you. 

5. Could I get hurt?Yes our advice to you is to NOT run or hit.  We understand it's natural reaction to fear but this is what causes most injuries. So don't run or hit and watch out for others who do. be safe. 

6. Refunds?Of course NOT

​7. Rain or shine.  

8. type of shoes? heels or flip flops are not smart. 

9. Lost Items.. we will look for lost items the next day. We will not shut down our show,   so leave your phones and personal items in your car.